What Is A Zero Gravity Chair?

It seems like a logical way to begin our site to talk about exactly what we mean when we refer to a zero gravity chair.

Is it some kind of seating on the moon? One of those spinning gyroscope rides at the fairground perhaps?

You might have guessed it’s neither of those, so dropping the sarcastic tone, it’s simply a way of encouraging the body to adopt a position that’s likely to cause less stress on muscles and joints.

If you consider a reclining chair, it’s comfortable because you’re leaning back and the chair is taking a lot of your weight on your behalf. As a result, there’s less strain for your body to deal with. That’s the root of the concept of the zero gravity position.

A zero gravity chair aims to take as much pressure away from your body as possible, within the bounds of what can be done with a chair that you simply sit down in and relax.

If you search the web, there’s plenty of information about how NASA have used similar techniques to keep astronauts in the best possible health, the important point is that if you buy a chair of this type it may be able to help your body relax and recover.